Each of the following articles includes information on noodling as recreational sport, those who participate, and its harmful effects on catfish ecosystems and the environment.



Female News Reporter Hooked on Noodling

Sometimes reporters bring you more than news filmed in studio with a crew of folks dressed in conservative clothing. One such example is Tess Maune from News On 6 in Oklahoma who is hooked on noodling . . . catfish, that is.

The Politics of Catfish Noodling

I’m sure you’ve been wondering many things about the new Republican vice-presidential candidate, Paul Ryan. Because National Geographic is not a political publication, we will skip all the political issues and get right to the detail that caught our attention: Mr. Ryan likes to go “catfish noodling.

You gotta "hand" it to Ryan

Among one of the more curious things we’ve learned about Paul Ryan since he was selected as Mitt Romney’s running mate is that the Wisconsin congressman is a fan of noodling, aka, fishing for catfish with your bare hands.